May 24, 2022

Yes 5G Is Coming And No It Won’t Kill You

5G is on it’s way, and there has been plenty of information and misinformation out there about it. Some of it true, and some of it not so true. Some of it resides more in the realm of conspiracy theories than anything else.

What 5G Is

Is it fast with download speeds of up to 1 gigabyte per second. It is the fifth-generation of mobile internet connectivity with faster data download and upload speeds, wider coverage and more stable connections. It is a broader use of the radio spectrum and enables far more devices to access the mobile internet at the same time.

What 5G Is Not

There are anti-5G conspiracy theorists out there posting about a range of 5G problems, including cancer, infertility, autism and Alzheimer’s. In November 2018, a viral Facebook post blamed a 5G test for the mysterious death of 300 birds in the Netherlands (the test actually took place months earlier). How did an incremental upgrade in mobile networks turn into the internet’s favourite new conspiracy theory?

The 5G Reality

According to an article by Dr. Carl, none of these claims are plausible. One reason for the health concerns about 5G is the fact that some electromagnetic waves can damage atoms. This is called ionising radiation because it can knock electrons off an atom, making it an ion. Waves like this are well known to cause cancer. In the electromagnetic spectrum, there’s a barrier between ionising radiation and non-ionising radiation: it’s the colour violet. Anything with a higher frequency than violet light can cause cancer.

Ultraviolet or UV light is the weakest ionising radiation — at around 30 million gigahertz — and we know it has enough energy to knock the electrons out of atoms because it causes skin cancers.

X-rays and gamma rays have higher frequencies and carry even more energy, so if they come in contact with our cells they can also cause cancer.

But the energy from visible light, AM and FM radio, TV, microwaves, mobile phones and power lines is just too low to damage atoms. And despite many hundreds of studies over the past half-century, we have never been able to prove any of these non-ionising waves can cause cancer — and this applies to 5G radiation too.

When Can We Access 5G?

There is currently only four 5G phones available through Telstra. So don’t go rushing to the shops right away. Telstra has been slowly rolling out 5G in selected areas around Australia in 2019 and Optus is making plans for 2020.

If you are a heavy data user it might be worth your time to upgrade your phone. If not it is probably better to wait until there are more phones and options on the market.

Any questions about how 5G might affect your business please do get in touch!


Julie Dunmore

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