May 24, 2022

5 Best Apps for Business Travel

When you have to travel for business it is important to be as organised as possible. It is easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to balance meetings, navigating new airports and finding a convenient location to stay in unfamiliar cities.

As you know, there are plenty of apps on market to help keep you on track, on time and functioning as best you can!

Here are our five favorite business travel apps:


This free app provides arrival and departure times for over 3,000 airports around the world. Don’t miss a flight with up to the minute flight status updates. This app helps you login to free airports official Wi-Fi connection safely and quickly. Through special deals with get discounts on food and beverage and duty free shopping in airports across the world.

This app even helps with services such as finding a place to charge your laptop or the quickest route into the city. You can book lounge access for more than 100 lounges around the world and get a discount with FLIO.  Book transportation, like the Heathrow Express in two clicks. Download the app here for Android or Apple.

Google Translate

This app lets you push a button and speak the phrase you would like to translate. From there, it will either display the translated phrase in more than 50 languages or, for 23 of the world’s most popular languages, the app will actually speak the translation back to you. With a new Android-only feature, for English-Spanish conversations, users speak into the phone in their native tongue, and the device speaks the translation.

Google Translate can work as a translator for situations where you would like some back up for international business meetings. While a translator may be on hand, it is nice to have access to simple questions requiring only a simple translation. (More expensive apps exist for critical, and more continuous, translation needs.) It’s also fun to play around with and a good language tool for kids. You can download it here for Android or Apple.


If you travel frequently to the US, DUFL is a packing service that could make packing a thing of the past. This app allows you to pack for a trip in about a minute by entering your destination, arrival date and tapping on the pictures of the items you want to pack for your next trip.

Sound too good to be true? These are the steps to eliminating the pain of packing. Download the DUFL app, register and order a welcome kit. DUFL will send you a large suitcase to fill with the clothes you typically wear on the road. When finished, schedule a pick up and the bag will be sent to the DUFL warehouse. They will inventory, photograph, clean and store your clothes so that they are ready for your next trip. Enter your destination and arrival date, then pack by tapping on the photos of the clothes you’d like to take from your DUFL virtual closet. Your DUFL will be waiting for you at your US destination. When you are ready to go home? Schedule a pick up, affix the appropriate shipping label and leave your bag at the hotel desk. No unpacking, no laundry, no visit to the dry cleaner. No hassle. The travel concierge you’ve always wanted.


HotelTonight is a free app that makes booking a hotel room easy, not complicated. This is especially helpful when we are looking for somewhere to stay when flights are delayed or trips are unexpectedly extended. They partner only with top-rated hotels all around Australia and the world, who give them their unsold rooms, and show you each day’s best deals. This may seem the same as many other last minute booking services, this app differs with the higher quality business travel considerations.

And we’re not just for tonight – you can book deals for tonight, tomorrow and beyond. Plan ahead or play it by ear and turn last minute travel into a pleasure instead of a pain. Download for Android or Apple!

Mile Cloud: Mile Tracker Automatic Mileage Log

For those of you who travel by car for business, manually keeping track of every single trip for your business mileage tax deduction can be frustrating. Mile Cloud is designed to automatically track your mileage while you are driving. All you have to do is to classify your driving purpose with Mile Cloud’s highly customisable trip filters and you will get your detailed monthly and annual mileage reports. This app is Apple only, so your data is saved to your own iCloud. You can easily share your data across all your iOS devices using the same iCloud account. Mile Cloud will help you keep an accurate and reliable mileage log to support your business mileage deduction. Download Mile Cloud here.

If you have any questions about setting up your computer and software for travel please reach out! We are always happy to help!


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