May 24, 2022

Split Group Holiday Costs Evenly With This New App

A newly launched app will make holidays away with friends easier and remove the need to track your spending to make paying together effortless.

This summer more than ever Australians should be taking to the road and spending in regional and bush affected areas. Check out  Road Trip For Good and the Holiday Here This Year Campaign for inspiration on places to visit.

There is plenty of warm weather to enjoy this month and that leaves the next questions of who to take with you? As we know traveling with groups isn’t easy with planning and cost splitting. There is no worse way to end a trip away with mates than to add up expenses and begin the long method of working out who owes who.

But never fear, a new app is here to make it easier for groups of people to monitor spending. Groupee is a real-time payment app that allows groups of people to instantly share the cost of any purchase.

The app works by creating a virtual card stored in a digital wallet that can be used for payments in person or online.

For example, let’s say four friends want to hire a car for $100. One person leads the payment – this person is the ‘payment creator’. The payment creator enters the bill total of $100. Next, the other parties who need to split the bill join via Groupee and send their share of the payment through the app.

Once the charge is activated by the creator, Groupee then sends the funds deposited to the creator’s Groupee Visa debit card. They can use it just like any other tap and go payment or simply make a payment online.

Now that you know how easy it is, get out there and spend your time and money on the road with communities who would love to see you!

Have any questions about setting up apps or secure payments? Please reach out. We are always excited to help.


Julie Dunmore

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