May 24, 2022

Return To Office Delayed Until February For Melbourne CBD

The return to CBD offices has been delayed until February with the new concerns about hotel quarantine outbreaks. Extra precautions are now being taken with many major employers located within Melbourne.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, The Commonwealth Bank, one of the nation’s biggest employers is going to continue the hybrid split between remote working and in the office.

While many businesses would like a full return to the office many staff members have expressed support for a hybrid model for remote work. One study by the Boston Consulting Group found that, after coronavirus restrictions are lifted, up to 60 per cent of Australian workers want to work remotely for two or three days a week.

3 Days Is The New Normal

Dr Denise Goodwin is a research fellow at Monash University’s research unit BehaviourWorks Australia, which specialises in behaviour change. Goodwin’s research shows most people would like to work “around three days a week from home”, which saves people time and money by eliminating the daily commute and flexibility for parents.

But she says the answer to the following question remains unclear: “How do you arrange things so that this is a win-win for the business and the employees?”

“My fear is that some organisations will just see it as a cost-cutting measure to reduce workplace space,” she told The New Daily.

“But if it’s done properly, and we actually put processes and practices in place that support remote working … then yes, [COVID will lead to long-lasting change].”

What’s Next?

As restrictions continue to stay in flux with continue concerns around hotel quarantine, the safety of keeping staff out of the office and social distanced while they are there will continue to stay throughout the year.

While working was a big social experiment of 2020, 2021 looks to be full of refinement of the situations to preserve workplace culture and allow for important collaboration time.

At Neo Technologies we are committed to helping businesses are they refine their approach to working in a hybrid model for some time to come. Reach out if you have any questions about your technology and the best options for your business.


Julie Dunmore

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