May 24, 2022

Play Board Games with Your Team Online

With Melbourne entering another 6 weeks of lockdown it is fair to say that the pandemic will be with us for a while longer. This can be disappointing for teams who are missing social interaction and a bit of light-hearted fun.

There are more and more inventive ways to stay connected in this time of social distancing. We have scoured the internet for games you can play with workmates or friends and produced a list for you. Some of these could be new to you and others are old favourites. Either way, choose one, pick a Friday afternoon, your favourite bevy, and settle down for some good old-fashioned team building fun! 

Ticket to Ride

Price: Free web browser lite version; app costs $6.99 to $9.99

Platforms: App StoreGoogle PlaySteamAmazon and web browser

If you have a travel bug you are dying to itch, consider trekking across the globe via Ticket to Ride. Available on five digital platforms, the players embark on a “cross-country train adventure to collect and play matching train cards to claim railway routes connecting cities throughout North America,” according to publisher Days of Wonder.

Gameplay options range from one-person matches against up to four artificial intelligence competitors to pass-and-play (in which participants physically pass the phone or tablet to the next player), virtual sessions with random members of Ticket to Ride’s online community, and remote showdowns with friends who also own the app. Expansion packs featuring maps of Europe, Asia, the Nordic countries, Switzerland, India, Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Pennsylvania are available for in-game purchases.

If you’re hoping to try out Ticket to Ride without splurging on the relatively pricey app, consider registering with Days of Wonder to earn four free trial games of a scaled-back web browser version.


Price: Free with Pogo account or available as an app for $3.99

Platforms: PogoApp Store and Google Play

Alternative: Monopoly is also available as a mod on Tabletop Simulator

The classic real estate game, in which players buy, trade, and maintain Atlantic City properties in hopes of driving the competition into bankruptcy, is available to play online for free via gaming portal Pogo. Register for an account to compete with friends, A.I., or other online users, but be prepared to shell out for a Club Pogo subscription ($6.99 per month) to access the site without ads. 


Price: Free

Platform: Visit Codenames website to play online or download the app

Codenames publisher Czech Games Edition has released an online version of the popular party game, which pits two teams against each other in a word guessing showdown.

To play, simply visit the site, click on the CREATE ROOM button, choose the language of the word cards, and start the game. Share the room URL with your friends and have fun! A cooperative version of the game—in which players work as a single team instead of competing against each other—is available at

Clue (Cluedo)

Price: Free low-tech version available online; official editions range from $3.99 to $11.99

Platforms: ArcadeSpotSteamApp Store and Google Play

The classic ‘who-dun-it’ murder mystery party game is now available online. This asks players to figure out which character committed a crime, where the incident took place, and what weapon was used, just like the classic board game.

The official Clue app, available through the App StoreGoogle Play, and Steam, is richly animated and simple to use. Play against the game’s A.I., or connect with friends for an online matchup. A Clue “season pass” featuring ten new boards—including recreations of Victorian London populated by Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson and an Egyptian archaeological dig inspired by an Agatha Christie novel—is also available for purchase.

We might be socially distant, but we still need to stay social! Remember, for any type of fun or board games you would like to play, there is an app for that. Have a look at Apple, Google Play, or any other game providers to see what is available. No matter what your fancy, is there is an app for that.


Julie Dunmore

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