May 24, 2022

New Tech To Keep You Occupied During Lockdown

Normally this section focuses on finding the best apps to help you achieve your goals. This month with most of us facing additional weeks of lockdown we thought we would feature new gadgets to help you stay occupied. However, rest assured that most of these devices will allow you to install apps, games and more!

Get your credit cards ready, here is our list of hot items for lockdown 2020 –

Apple Devices –

On Wednesday Apple released a range of new devices, but with one notable exception, the new iPhone 12. Delays with production in China due to COVID 19 have pushed the release to sometime later this year.

However, there is still plenty to look forward to this year with the release of the new $599 Apple Watch Series 6. This smartwatch has a faster S6 chip for better performance and battery efficiency, a next-generation always-on altimeter, and interesting addition of a new blood oxygen monitoring feature. Apple is also selling it in two new aluminum colours: blue and red.

Apple also announced a lower-cost $429 Apple Watch SE without blood oxygen monitoring or ECG, and there’s a new iPad Air with an all-screen display, new colours, and a Touch ID power button. There is also a new Fitness+ service offer for Apple Watch-guided fitness videos for $19.99 per month. There is an option to save money with an Apple One bundle lets you purchase several services for one monthly price.

Folding Phones from Samsung: Galaxy Fold.2

This phone is an interesting half step between a tablet and a phone. It folds over so it is smaller and easier to carry and folds open to the same size as a tablet. While most of us are at home and not as concerned about having mobile devices it is something to consider when we become more mobile. For example, if you are primarily working from home now you might wish to invest in a device that can become a second screen for now and a useful mobile device. Read a review of the Galaxy Fold.2 here.

Having the larger screen on the front (6.2 inches versus the original Fold’s 4.6) means you won’t always need to unfold the whole phone just to read a text message or check an email.

Xbox and Games Releases

For those of you waiting to for Microsoft to announce its upcoming lineup of next-generation Xbox game consoles, the new systems will launch in Australia on November 10. They will start at $499 for the Xbox Series S and top out at $749 for the Xbox Series X, with options to buy on a month-to-month contract through a partnership with Telstra.

The difference between the Series S and Series X is less power for the S, resulting in games at a maximum resolution of 1440p (which is just above Full HD), upscaled to 4K if you have a compatible TV. The Series X runs games at a native 4K as standard and could potentially reach 8K in the future.

To learn more information on the contract with Telstra visit their site here.

Another option to consider is Game Pass, a subscription service to Microsoft’s key gaming products rather than a physical box. For $11 per month, you get access to more than a hundred games. This includes every game put out by Microsoft’s own studios, on either an Xbox console or PC. For a $16 Ultimate pass, you get it on both console and PC, and Microsoft EA’s slate of games (FIFA, Madden, Star Wars etc) will soon be included too.

If you are considering upgrading your tech for work or play, remember we are just a phone call away! We are always happy to recommend new products or help you decide what options would work best for your home office or lounge room right now!


Julie Dunmore

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