May 24, 2022

Best Apps For Real News

This year one term was dominant in the international news headlines, fake news. This caused concern the world over as many people have started to question the validity of their news sources.

In the spirit of finding and providing quality news, we have some apps we would like to suggest to help you keep your finger on the pulse!

AP Mobile (free) for Android and iOS

The Associated Press wire is the source for most news outlets, this app lets you tap straight into the source. The news organisation is excellent at providing news that is relevant to your interests. The app provides a list of the day’s news, sorted into the categories or the parts of the world you specify. You can also take a break and set up a ‘quiet time’ when you won’t be notified of any breaking news.

Squid (free) for Android and iOS

Squid blends traditional news apps features with touches like the ability to annotate articles with text and scribbles before sharing them with your contacts. There isn’t much control over the push notifications the app sends out, it relies on the identified new sources you select in the app. However, the ability to highlight and share content is a good bonus for some people.

Flipboard (free) for Android and iOS

Flipboard is a mobile magazine maker who is now able to alert you to breaking news alerts through an app. You can use the power of your social media feeds or rely on Flipboard to notify you based on your preferred topics. The level of customisation of topics that Flipboard pulls together for you is vast. It a and a host of news sources to pore through.

Google Now or Google App (free) for Android and iOS

Google Now or the Google app uses your search history and location to serve you up a list of content you are very likely to read. There are push notifications for news (and traffic updates and the weather) from inside the app setting which you can turn off and on as you wish.

The apps we have highlighted should help you all stay well informed. If you have any questions about installing apps on your device feel free to get in touch. We are always happy to help.


Julie Dunmore

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