May 24, 2022

Is Small Business A Target For Cyber Attacks?

We are all aware of the security breaches with large corporations. When they occur they are often all over the news. What the media isn’t addressing is that hackers more regularly attack small and medium sized businesses.

According to The Australian Business Review after the US, Australia has the most incidences of reported cyber attacks. Last year the ACCC reported an average of 3,500 security breaches per month. This is a trend that is only likely to rise. Smaller businesses are becoming targets as more and more move to doing their business online. They often naively believe that they are too small to become a target and are not stringent with their online security.

Avoiding becoming a target can be achieved with simple adjustments to protect yourself and your client’s data. For example, ensuring your password is not just the word ‘password’. Businesses that deal with customer’s credit card details should conduct a PCI compliance audit. PCI or Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards compliance ensures that your customer’s credit card details are protected. For more information on compliance visit the PCI Security Standards website for more information.

There are other considerations to make such as having the appropriate firewalls, VPN or authentication processes. If you are concerned about your businesses online security please get in touch. We are happy to have a chat.


Julie Dunmore

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