May 24, 2022

Lattes For The Lazy or Delivery Drones At Your Service!

Don’t get into a car with a stranger, don’t take food from a stranger, don’t have anything to do with strangers!

We have all heard this from our well-meaning mothers in the past. Little did we know that a company was going to come along that made getting into cars with strangers an efficient way to get around. Uber has been disrupting the transportation industry for years now. And now you can order food through the Uber Eats app. Uber Eats has been rolled out in a handful of cities around the world. It makes sense with its strong foodie culture that Melbourne would be one of them.

Now you can ask strangers to pick up and deliver you food from your favourite restaurants.

Having food delivered by a person isn’t anything new. What is new is the way it is being delivered via an app. There are other people thinking even further out of the box with food delivery. The company Uvionix is using nSky drones to test working with businesses to create a delivery service for simple items, such as a morning coffee or a toothbrush.

Local shops would have a fleet of drones at their disposal. Items such as a takeaway flat white or toothpaste would be loaded onto the drone and deployed via an app on a smart phone. The drone would arrive at its destination drop off the item and return for the next job at the docking station.

While this might sound completely futuristic and far-fetched, agencies like NASA and the FAA in the US are working on creating safe flight plans and regulations for drone delivery services.

As technology grows it is solving bigger and bigger societal problems for us. It is also focusing on the small ones, such as, who will get my morning latte when I am too lazy to leave my desk?


Julie Dunmore

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