May 24, 2022

Microsoft 10 Turns 1

That sounds like a lot of numbers, but to put it simply Microsoft OS 10, is now turning one. The major features of the operating system will be updated later this year.

Some of the new updates will feature changes to Hello Login, improved pen support and improved Cortana. According to Techcrunch the “Windows 10 Anniversary Update” is scheduled to arrive around the one-year anniversary date in July of this year. The update will be available for free and will come to all Windows devices, including Xbox One and HoloLens.

The Hello Login seems like something out of a James Bond spy movie. With this functionality, the Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, and most PCs with fingerprint readers can be unlocked with a press of your fingertip. It is believed that the update will also allow devices to scan your face and iris via the inbuilt camera to unlock it.

The improved pen support means that devices with touch screens will become more like an actual sketchpad. Users will be able to doodle and draw on a virtual note pad and save them for later reference. Microsoft will also be updating its Maps app, where you can draw a route and the app will automatically tell you the distance. In Office, you will be able to use a stylus to proofread a document and draw shapes, too.

Cortana the Microsoft digital assistant will be updated with new languages, the ability to easily set ongoing reminders and search for past ones. Another new feature allows Cortana to remember things for you without also needing a specific due date attached. More details can always be added later, and the Windows team says that “Cortana will be able to retrieve these upon request, just like a real personal assistant would” in a future build.

All of these improvements make using a touch screen or hybrid device much simpler. The additional security settings such as fingerprint, eye and face scans become an easier option without having to remembering another password. If you are thinking about moving to OS 10 please get in touch with any questions. Your free upgrade to Windows 10 from earlier versions 7, 8 or 8.1 expires on July 26.


Julie Dunmore

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