May 24, 2022

4 Apps For Back To School

The last days of January have slipped away. The schools are back in full swing, children are filling their backpacks and parents are planning for the year ahead. What is the best way to make sure you and the young ones are ready for the big year ahead? An app of course! We look at the best apps for getting back into the swing of things for the new school year!

  1. The Check In

Heading back into school after a long break can be a fun and social time for children. But what do you do if your child is a bit anxious in social situations? To help them avoid awkward chats with friends they haven’t seen all summer download The Check In.

The Check In takes kids through when to have a chat, things to say and how to avoid saying the wrong thing.

  1. My Study Life

A new school year is a clean slate for a new start. Now is the time to kick bad habits and get organised. Get on track with planning to study so that things don’t get overwhelming with My Study Life!

This app keeps all your important info like classes, homework, exams and tasks all in one place. You can access it from any device, and any changes made will automatically sync across platforms. No need to carry around a diary!

  1. Recharge

Sleep patterns can go out the window on school holidays. Especially after long summer nights of fun and sleepovers with friends. This app helps correct the bad habits and get back into a healthy sleep pattern.

Recharge uses the latest sleep science to create a daily routine that will help young people to sleep better. A better sleep routine can help improve moods, energy and general wellbeing – all things that will make going back to school just a little bit easier!

  1. The School Bag

This communication app provides busy parents, students, and staff a powerful way to stay engaged with their school. Getting started is easy, just create your free SkoolBag account to log in and then add your school.

SkoolBag is an iOS app designed so schools can quickly and easily communicate instant notifications, emails, school newsletters, absentee and permission forms, photos, documents, events and more to the school community.

We hope these apps can help to ease a very busy and exciting time of year! Remember if you have any questions about the installation of apps we are always happy to help!


Julie Dunmore

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