May 24, 2022

Is The NBN Worth The Wait?

The NBN roll out is well and truly underway. But what does that mean exactly and what difference will it make to life and business? For the average Australian it means faster upload and download speeds with their Internet connection. What does this mean for the growth of the nation in terms of economic advancement and stability in the digital age?

As more and more suburbs around Melbourne get access to the NBN there is quite a bit of confusion to the value that the service will offer. While the technology has been slow to roll out there is also the question of whether the wait is worth it. According to The Conversation, in 2009 international Internet provider Ookla ranked Australia’s average broadband download speed as 39th in the world. Currently our international ranking has declined and we have now slipped to 59th place.

While the roll out is slowly going ahead, the reality is that the future demands on a copper wire and node system is quickly becoming out dated. In fact many countries around the world have bypassed this technology entirely and have moved on.

Currently there is strong evidence that areas in the world with access to 1 Gigabit broadband speeds enjoy a greater GDP than areas that do not. So fast Internet is more than just a convenience, it is a necessity for a healthy economy.

While people patiently wait for the NBN rollout around the country the there are two main questions. When it will be available and then once it is will it be worth the wait? What is the next move once the future of Internet connection has moved on to new innovative Internet technology? Like everyone else we will be waiting to see how it all ‘rolls’ out!


Julie Dunmore

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