May 1, 2015

Want Your Own Personal Cloud Storage Device?

A NAS or networked attached storage device allows multiple computers and devices, such as smart phones and tablets to access files from a central location. Think of it as your own personal cloud storage device. The advantage of saving a file remotely means many different people, using many different devices can access the same file. This is an advantage to saving files locally or on an external hard drive. For example, this gives you the ability to access the same file remotely via smart phone and your coworker the ability to access the same file on their laptop at the same time.

This is possible because the file is stored on a device that is networked to your computers. This flexibility means that a team working on a project together can access the latest version of a file from multiple devices and locations. The NAS device offers a variety of ways files can be accessed and saved remotely. For example, streaming media, such as movies or music. A movie stored on a NAS device gives multiple people the ability to watch the same movie in different devices. This is possible because the device can be accessed via the cloud with a login. It makes watching a movie with your neighbors possible without having to leave the house.

This remote access also makes NAS storage devices convenient and practical for business applications. A micro or small business may not need a large costly server. However all businesses no matter the size needs the ability to share and have access to the same files. This makes using a NAS device a simple solution to file storage. There are also other practical applications, such as using it to connect multiple computers to the same printer. We all have heard, “If it hasn’t been saved in three places it, it hasn’t been saved.” This device is also a solution for this file security issue. The network makes it easy to sync files on various computers for back up storage.

There are many different NAS devices on the market currently. Two popular brands are the Qnap and Synology brands. There are various prices points and levels of storage available. The base models would suite home storage uses for home streaming of movies and music, with the larger storage are more tailored for the business level of file management and backup.

The best question to ask when looking at storage devices is how much do I want to spend and how much do I need? If you need help understanding what is the best option for your home or business, don’t forget we are always happy to help as well!


Julie Dunmore

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