March 27, 2015

Good News for Surface Pro Users, introducing Continuum

Last week Microsoft announced that they were making plans for a new operating system which makes switching from a touch screen to keyboard and mouse seamless. This is good news for all of you with a Surface Pro who are finding it just a bit clunky.

The new operating system will be know as Windows 10, with a new feature called Continuum. Continuum is the new component that promises to make switching between tablet and traditional mouse and keyboard faster and easier.

Windows 10 will have a hybrid Start menu. Touching the start button with a finger on the screen will launch the tablet mode, while using the mouse on the start button will activate the keyboard. As soon as the screen is touched the apps pane will appear on screen. Clicking the start screen with the mouse will activate the keyboard again.

This is where Continuum comes into play. Windows 10 will switch modes depending on how it’s being used. Microsoft hasn’t announced a release date yet, but it is looking like it will be late next year.

This short demo video shows how this new operating system is going to work. Microsoft wants Windows to span devices such as smart phones with small screens to large desktop screens. If Continuum is able to do what Microsoft promises, this could actually happen.


Julie Dunmore

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