May 24, 2022

Telstra Is The Official Partner for Australian Launch of Xbox All Access

Just in time for Christmas, Telstra has unveiled a new product plan that will please all of the gamers out there. They will now offer a product and service plan in partnership with Microsoft’s Xbox All-Access subscription gaming package and will be its exclusive Australian partner. This is a great deal for the super gamers amoung us, but there is a catch. This service is only available for existing Telstra customers.

The plan bundles an Xbox One console with a subscription to Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass, starting at $27 a month over 24 months for the Xbox One S console. The plan also gives gamers access to the more powerful Xbox One X console starting at $38 a month. This service involves entering a 24 month contract with a told spend of $648 for the Xbox All Access bundle through Telstra and you get to keep the console at the end.

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate provides access to a rotating catalogue of games to download and play, with around 100 titles on the “Netflix for gaming” service. These titles are made up of a mix of indie and arcade style games alongside AAA blockbusters, which means there is something for everyone.


For more information on this new service check out Telstra’s site here.


Julie Dunmore

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