May 24, 2022

COVIDSafe App: How It Works and Handles Your Data

According to Seven News, seventeen data experts examined the source code of the app and confirmed it could only be used for blunt data. The app gathers less information on a person than by the top social media platforms including Facebook.

A security review of the app also found that it could not be hacked or the data misused.

While the app is not mandatory, the experts have also dismissed claims that it could be used by the government for surveillance.

How the app works

COVIDSafe uses Bluetooth to determine an individual’s proximity to other people with the app. In order to work properly the app must be open and running in the background on a person’s phone. This means you open the app and leave it open. It doesn’t require anything else. If you shut off or restart your phone it is important to remember to open the app again, especially when you are out and interacting with other people.

It creates a unique encrypted reference code for each person – and when the app recognises another user, it notes the date, time, distance and duration of the contact, but does not track your location.

The contact information is also deleted on a 21-day rolling cycle due to the virus’ incubation period and the time it takes to get tested.

Seven News reported that cybersecurity expert Shannon Sedgwick told The Morning Show that downloading the COVIDSafe app could ‘potentially save someone’s life.’

“I think it’s vital that we join together in this cause, and we be patient with the government in rolling out updates and fixes,” Sedgwick said.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said recently that downloading the app would also be key to easing restrictions.

“If you want to return to a more liberated economy and society, it is important that we get increased numbers of downloads when it comes to the COVIDSafe app,” Morrison said.

If you are interested in downloading the app and want to ensure you are using it properly please reach out to us. We are happy to assist with questions and keeping us all safe during these complicated times.


Julie Dunmore

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