May 24, 2022

Best Tech Christmas Gifts

Christmas is mere weeks away! Still need to buy gifts? We have created a cheat sheet list of the best tech gifts this Christmas:


  • Audible subscription – Books always make great presents and why stop at one? An Audible membership keeps giving with a new audiobook each month, plus access to hundreds of podcasts.
  • Noise-canceling earbuds – Wireless headphones are in, but noise-canceling earbuds are all the rage right now. Apple users might look towards the Airpods Pro, otherwise, Sony has some great options as well.
  • Google Chromecast – Stream all your favorite shows and movies easily from your smartphone. Plugs into your TV to allow wireless streaming and supported by most major platforms.
  • Nintendo Switch Lite – If your children are gamers this is probably already on their wish list. The Switch Lite is perfect for playing on the go and comes in a range of colours.
  • Alexa Smart Home Bundle – Smart speakers are tipped to be big for Christmas and this ‘starter kit’ could be just the thing for family or friends.
  • Withings Move Activity Tracker – Who doesn’t start the year planning to get fitter? This one mimics a classic watch and has up to 18 months of battery life.
  • Ecovacs Deebot 600 – Perfect for the time-poor people in your life. Give them back the hours they’d spend vacuuming by letting the wonder of modern technology do it for them.
  • Streaming subscription – have a movie or series buffs in your life? Consider grabbing a Netflix, Stan, Foxtel or Amazon Prime streaming subscription for them!
  • Tablet – There are lots of new tablets and laptop hybrids on the market. There is anything from an iPad Mini to a Microsoft Surface Pro. Tablets now cover everything from surfing and gaming all the way to a serious business workstation.
  • Smart Phones – Most of the major players have released an updated version of their best phones, check out the new iPhone11 and Samsung Galaxy A20 32GB for a start. There are more budget-friendly options available as well, just do your homework!


At this time of year, we ask everyone to consider how they dispose of old technology after they upgrade. Remember there are charities who will take your old phones and computers. It is also important to know that anything that can’t be reused should be taken to a tip or other service that accepts technology waste.

Have a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year!


Julie Dunmore

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