May 24, 2022

4 Of The Best Obscure Apps

We love finding apps for any situation you could experience in life at Neo Technologies. This time we want to dig deep and find apps for situations and times that you never knew you needed. We look at some apps that do things you never knew existed.

As we like to say, there is an app for that!


Rando is a fun way to bring randomness into your day. Imagine taking a photo of anything you like, that is in good taste of course and send it to another person randomly in the world. And then like magic you will receive a photo back. At worst, you have spent a few minutes taking a photo. At best, you get to see new things from new people, and make discoveries about the world! Think of it like a Russian Roulette for photos, gifs or quotes. Apple | Android


We have all been there, you are in a theater watching a movie, and bam you have to go to the bathroom. Bad. And you don’t know when is the best time to quickly duck out. You need a bathroom break, but you don’t want to miss any of the action. Don’t worry RunPee is there to save the day. RunPee is an app that tells you the perfect time to run to the bathroom during your movie, and gives you a synopsis of what you’ve missed when you get back. You’ll never miss an important movie moment again. Apple | Android


Tunity is a social, anti-social person’s best friend. It connects your phone as a temporary TV tuner for any TV. For example, you’re at the bar watching the game, and everyone is being loud and you want to hear the commentary. Open the app Tunity, point it at the TV, and Tunity will use a scanned image to locate the program and then stream the audio directly to your phone. You can still hang out in public and be antisocial at the exact same time. Apple | Android


We decided to save the weirdest for last, Wakie is a wakeup call service. That sounds fairly normal, but the weird part is when you reach your “wakeup time,” a random stranger calls you and talks to you until you’re ready to start your day. And by stranger, it could be anyone from a school teacher from Singapore to a librarian from the Gold Coast. Wonder how people say wake up in any country, download the app and find out for yourself. Apple | Android

If you decided to download any of these random apps let us know. We love hearing weird stories from cyberspace.


Julie Dunmore

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