May 24, 2022

4 Apps For The Perfect Melbourne Staycation

Some of us will be jetting off to exotic holiday locations over the break and some of us will not. But that doesn’t mean you are having less fun than your mates in Bali.

We have compiled 4 of the best Apps to have fun in Melbourne this holiday break!

myMarket Vic

Get some fresh produce and local food for some leisurely holiday dinners with the myMarkets Vic app. It provides easy access to information about markets all around Victoria. The app provides two main functions. It is a Social Tool and allows you to communicate with other market goers, facilitating the free exchange of information and experiences; maybe submitting a photo or two, checking out the number one rated market for the week, or commenting about a great experience you’ve just had with a stall holder.  It also provides market information, opening times, contact details, location, map information and more.

The myMarkets Vic app has a friendly, clear user interface, with everything accessible in just a few clicks. Visit the website for links to download.


Planning on taking a trip to any of our amazing zoos? The Act Wild app for iPhones and iPod Touches has loads of exclusive functionality and information to make your visit extra special. This app includes fast facts, the ability to check-in, upload your photos or ask a question from Melbourne Zoo, Werribee Open Range Zoo or Healesville Sanctuary. The app runs on iPhones and iPod Touches running iOS 5.0+ and above. The app will also work on iPads in ‘half-screen’ mode.


Melbourne undoubtedly has the best coffee in the world. And for those of you who can’t get enough of trying all of the best cafes in the city, we have an app for you! Beanhunter is your new best friend for finding and sharing amazing coffee through your smartphone. Find cafes around you and anywhere in the world. Share your experiences by leaving reviews, uploading photos and sharing your coffee experiences with other coffee lovers. Be a part of a community of coffee lovers from here and overseas. Visit their site for more information and download links.


There is always something on in Melbourne. This app ensures that you never miss an important event. Nearify is your guide to finding fun, music, concerts, your favorite plays, festivals all at one place. You can follow your favorite artists, musicians, save events for later and get tickets and directions to the venue. If you do decide to travel at some point this app works overseas. Discover all events happening near you from more than 20 million events worldwide. Always know what is happening like live music, indie shows, comedy, concerts, festivals, theater, or movie screenings that you can attend. It makes it easy to have fun when you step out of your home to explore and socialise.

Whatever your plans may be this holiday season, remember to stay safe, have fun and see you in the new year!


Julie Dunmore

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