May 24, 2022

Why managed IT support matters …


Did you know that in the world of business, managed IT support is increasingly the new norm, particularly for companies looking to grow or those requiring higher grade software infrastructure?

According to Datto’s 2020 Global State of the MSP Report, more small and medium businesses rely on managed services providers (MSPs) to oversee and operate their IT infrastructure, with the managed services market anticipated to be worth $293 billion by 2023.

So why are businesses increasingly engaging the services of a dedicated provider?

The answers are pretty obvious.

Enables you to focus on core your business activities

As a business owner you have multiple competing issues demanding your attention at the same time

If you are managing your IT requirements in-house, this requires significant investment in infrastructure and the ongoing purchase and maintenance of hardware and software … not to mention staying across the latest trends and newest technology.

All this can prove extremely costly and time-consuming, putting an added and unnecessary burden on your organization.

Because an outsourced IT provider will take care of the necessary hardware and software requirements, this will enable you to reduce any unnecessary complications and focus instead on your core business activity.

Round the clock support

As businesses march towards digitization, we face more and more unplanned and unexpected issues due to hardware failure, network connection issues or a system running into trouble. In most circumstances we never know when these issues will occur.

A managed IT services’ provider (providing a 24/7 service) will ensure your systems are running properly round clock and will step in and manage your software and hardware problems as they arise.

In many circumstances, you won’t even notice there has been a problem because things will have been taken care of quietly in the background.

Behind the scenes, a managed IT services company will:

  • Ensure the latest software updates apply across all your systems
  • Automatically apply security upgrades as they become available
  • Consistently review your software inventory and networks (to ensure there are no gaping holes that could lead to the entry of harmful malware) and
  • Remove any defunct, outdated or useless software that’s taking up critical space.

Keeps your data safe

As a business owner there is nothing worse than realising all your data is lost (or that your systems have been breached).

A managed IT support provider will ensure you have the necessary robust measures in place to protect your data, preventing unnecessary breaches.

Once you commit to a data back-up plan, your service provider can facilitate the backing up of your data at dedicated storage sites. This way, you’ll have an added layer of protection if things go awry and data gets corrupted, stolen or lost.

At Neo Technologies we provide our clients with a fully outsourced IT function at a fraction of the cost of what it would take to set up your own.

Our end-to-end service includes:

  • In-house and remote network solutions
  • Business systems support
  • Cloud services
  • Cyber security
  • Consulting and advisory
  • Data recovery
  • 24/7 technical support (onsite & remote)

We see ourselves as an “extension” of your business, providing you with the added benefit of being able to work from anywhere, at any time and in a manner of your choosing.

Do reach out if you need more specific information or require our help.



Julie Dunmore

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