May 24, 2022

The Best Christmas Apps!

When they say there is an app for everything well, ‘they’ are right. As we get ready to indulge in the holiday season of parties, family gatherings and presents, there are many ways apps can make it all a bit more jolly and fun.

In the next few weeks Christmas work parties and functions will abound. While it is fun passing time with colleagues and clients in a social setting, there is a way to add another dimension to the plethora of selfies and group shots that will take place on the evening. Introducing the Christmas sticker app for iMessager. Simply take a photo, open it in your messaging app and apply an ugly Christmas sweater, antlers or more to the photo and send it on it’s way.

Get organised and take the pain out of Christmas shopping with a Christmas list planning and organizing app. For iPhone users try The Christmas List. You can use it to sync gift lists up by AirDrop or by email, track budgets per person, add people directly from your contact list, store photos of gifts and so much more. At just $2.99, all the features are definitely worth it. For the Android inclined try Free Christmas List. Similar to the one above for the iPhone, you can track gifts by person, set budgets for each of them, conveniently check off each gift as you make your purchases, add more specific notes for each person, and so much more. It’s really the perfect app to help you keep everything organised as you plan your gifts and shop around.

Looking for a fun and totally digital way to count down the days until Christmas. Try out the free iTunes Christmas Count Down app. It shows the remaining number of days, minutes, and seconds. It features 15 different background themes or choose your own picture, create a classic or modern countdown and set your preferred text colour.

We hope these apps help smooth a busy and sometimes turbulent time of year! Good luck and see you in the new year!


Julie Dunmore

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