January 22, 2016

Sell Your Unwanted Christmas Gifts Online

We are at that very special time of year, when people start to ask, “What do I do with all of these gifts?”

Some of you may have received double ups on gifts. While others may have received things they have no use for.

This can lead to clutter and feelings of guilt. And without the proper receipts it can be very difficult to return things.

This can be especially frustrating with higher ticket items like electronics, computer or gaming consoles. Never fear, Ebay, Gumtree and Facebook groups are here!

Ebay is an online market place where people can sell their wares for a set price or via an auction. The beauty of selling to the highest bidder is self-explanatory and setting up an account takes only minutes. Some of the other benefits include being able to sell to anyone all over the world. For tips on how to set up an account and how to sell your items visit the Ebay site directly here.

Gumtree is a free classified listing site that allows you to sell or swap items in Australia. All listings are free unless you choose to boost or advertise your post. This site is more beneficial for selling items that are difficult to ship or for trading items with people who live in your local area. For more information on selling on Gumtree visit their website here.

And last but not least there are buy, swap and sell groups on Facebook. These groups are getting increasingly popular. If you are curious about the types of groups that are out there, open Facebook and search, Melbourne, Buy, Swap, Sell, click on groups and there are a huge number to choose from.

Go forth and de-clutter your life! There are many ways to do it and your well-meaning relatives will never have to know you sold that second Xbox.


Julie Dunmore

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