May 24, 2022

Tap On Public Transport Via Your Smart Phone

Very soon Android users will be able to pay for public transport via their smart phone. A new mobile myki app will use near field communication technology to work with existing myki ticket barriers to allow passengers to touch on with their phone.

Victoria will be one of the first public transport networks in the world to trial mobile ticketing technology across trams, buses and trains throughout the entire myki network.

This new technology will allow passengers to top up on the go, check the balance of their myki at any time, avoid queues for ticketing machines and reduce the chance of forgetting or losing a physical card.

The trial will commence soon, through a test group of users on Android devices before extending to a wider, public test group later in the year. The full trial period will run until early 2019 before making the call to roll it out to all transport users.

The existing physical myki card will continue to remain in use during and after the trial. Passengers using mobile myki will be able to top up with myki money or a myki pass as they do currently.

The Minister for Public Transport, Jacinta Allan stated, “It’s all part of our investment to build a modern public transport system that gets Victorians home safer and sooner.”

We can’t agree more! A touch and go app sounds like a great solution, we are watching this space!


Julie Dunmore

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