May 24, 2022

Best Free Apps 2017

We picked a few of our favourite free apps for iPhone and Androids for 2017. From work to play to everything in between, there is an app for that!

Best free iPhone Apps 2017


If you find darting in and out of several apps to be confusing and time-consuming, this app is for you! The idea behind Workflow is to create triggers that automate a string of actions. Smoothly transition from your email to calendar when checking your schedule and say goodbye to flipping through multiple screens!

If you’re new to this sort of thing, Workflow does its best to be friendly. The interface primarily comprises big, colourful icons, and the drag-and-drop workflow creation is surprisingly approachable.


This app’s all about adding custom soundtracks to videos while you record them, with the touch of your finger.

You select a genre, and ‘rehearse’ playback by dragging your finger about the square viewfinder. As you move upwards, the music’s intensity increases; rightwards adjusts variation.


This app provides a mobile-optimized Text view that makes reading Internet content a clean and uncluttered experience.

You load articles and it saves them for later. The interface is clean and leaves only the content in a mobile-optimised view ideal for iPhone. The standard themes can be tweaked, and there’s text-to-speech when you prefer listening to reading.

Best free Android Apps 2017

Solid Explorer

Manage your files wherever they are and wherever you are with this feature-rich and highly accessible app. It has a double panel display lets you navigate to two separate folders and drag a file across from one to the other. Integration with cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive, as well as FTP servers, it is an excellent solution for managing your files.

Some of its other features include hidden folders, ZIP and RAR archive extraction, and customization through icons, colour schemes and themes. The app is free to try out for two weeks, and then you have the option to pay $2, while isn’t technically free is worth the small price.


This powerful keyboard has an autocorrect has set records for typing speed worldwide. It is an accurate smartphone typing experience and has lots of great shortcuts!

For example, most keyboards use a “press and hold delete key” gesture to delete words, Fleksy uses a super-quick backward swipe. Be sure check out some of the extensions like invisible keyboard too — it works surprisingly well.

Action Launcher 3

This app allows you to create a new look and feel for the layout of your phone. Combine new icons, a new app drawer layout, a new home screen and new wallpaper to make your device fit your tastes. It also offers genuinely useful interface improvements.

We hope you liked our top picks, be sure to check the following links more suggestions on free apps for iPhone or Android phones.


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