May 24, 2022

Passwords Are So Passé

The process of typing in your password, getting it wrong, guessing again and then finally resetting the password in a fit of frustration maybe coming to an end. Aside from the frustration of multiple passwords there are concerns with security breaches. Hackers targeting huge databases of email addresses and password has become more and more common. Security that relies less on passwords is where we are heading. We will take a look at a few of the more popular options.

No Pre-Authentication On-Demand Passwords

This method combines a device like a mobile phone with an application. This process requires logging in to receive a unique, one-time password, that is sent though a text message to a phone number that has been registered to an application. The user then enters the one time pin or password as a second authentication step. This has been standard when resetting a password on a gmail email account for quite some time.

Biometric Authentication

The newest Microsoft operating system, Windows 10 includes Windows Hello. This allows you to log into Windows using your fingerprint or by having the computer take a picture of your face or iris. This type of authentication requires a PC or smart phone to be equipped with a fingerprint scanner or special infrared sensors. As the hardware catches up with the software it can be used not only to log on to your PC, but can also identify you to applications and web sites if they choose to support Windows Hello.

Apple’s iPhones have had the Touch ID fingerprint scanner since the iPhone 6 to unlock the device or make purchases from the App Store. As smart phone technology advances biometric authentication is definitely going to become more integrated into the devices.

Social Login Authentication

Social media platforms are common enough now that many websites offer you the option to login with Facebook, Twitter, or some other social network, rather than creating a new account. The concept is known as social login, and it is becoming increasingly popular for websites that require passwords. This only works if the social network site is accessible for social login. For those of you working in content-filtered offices this may not make it a useful option.

It Is A Matter Of When, Not If

The movement towards alternatives to passwords is already underway. If you have any questions or concerns about your online security please feel free to get in touch. We are always happy to help.


Julie Dunmore

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