May 24, 2022

How Does Facebook Know Who I Am?

Technology is getting smart, in fact thanks to Artificial Intelligence computers are now able to learn. There are programs that can recognise faces and auto tag images for databases. What does this mean for the average business?

It means that communication with customers who are vision impaired is going to become a lot simpler. There are programs that are able to ‘see’ an image and read it out loud. It also means that creating or maintaining large databases of images will become easier. Programs will be able to ‘see’ what is in the image and place it in the correct categories.

Market research will also become easier to manage in this age of social media sharing. Most content created for social media is image based. It is important to quickly analyze which images particular consumer bases are posting or sharing. This will redefine the role of social media as a tool for understanding customer wants and needs for products and services.

This technology is possible due to artificial intelligence. That means that computers are able to learn and teach themselves new information. There are plenty of Hollywood movies on this subject, however this is a reality. In the past few years computers have been able to process more and more data. This ability to quickly process information has opened the door to incorporate these tools in our daily lives.

Facebook has been using this technology for a while now. Try hovering over an image of a friend on Facebook. Facebook will ask if you would like to tag your friend and sometimes it will auto suggest that friend’s name. That is AI at work. The more we tag and interact with our friends on Facebook, Facebook learns how to identify faces with reliability.

The future is going to include computers that will learn with us and about us. Understanding the pros and cons of this technology is core to ensuring it adds value to our lives moving forward to a brave new future!


Julie Dunmore

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