May 24, 2022

Back To School Apps – Time To Get Back To The Classroom

The summer holidays have ended and remote schooling is over. So it’s time to return to the classroom lessons, homework and tests. It’s not all doom and gloom though. There are some great apps to help students have a more enjoyable, organised and successful school year. We have looked at the App store’s review of the best apps for school this year.

That’s the key to making notes useful is organsiation and Notability is the way to keep jottings, comments and annotations in order. Rather than creating reams of meaningless pages, it lets you get specific by creating subject folders that you can put specific notes into. It also lets you annotate PDFs, create checklists, mark-up photos and record lectures.
Download for iPhones and iPads here.

Geist (Memorado): Brain and Mind
Learning doesn’t have to be boring, in fact, this app makes it downright fun! Geist is an app that makes learning engaging. The app is filled with mini-games designed to excite your grey matter. Play it at lunch or on the bus ride home and you’ll stand a better chance of retaining all that information from a day in the classroom. You’re learning, but it won’t feel like it.
Download for iPhone here.

The Homework App
The Homework App lets you create a handy to-do list of your homework assignments and creates a neat digital copy of your entire class schedule. Just input your classes, assign colours to certain subjects and never again be left wandering the halls, confused as to whether you should be in Maths or Science.
Download for iPhone here.

We all think in different ways. For some, it’s easier to vocalise our inner workings; for others, visualisation can help develop an idea. That’s where Thoughts comes in. A doodling app that gives you an infinite canvas on which to draw diagrams, drop mind maps and dump your doodles. There are no limits to what you can create, and with instant share and print options, you’ll be able to spread the learning love too. Download for iPhone here

Enjoy school. Just don’t forget your lunch and take a jumper, it might get cold.


Julie Dunmore

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