December 16, 2015

4 Steps To Reducing Post Holiday Email Clutter

A post-holiday buzz can disappear and transform into post-holiday blues with one simple action, opening your email inbox.

A full inbox is a common cause of stress at any time, but the task of sorting through a few weeks of emails after a break can feel like an endless time trap.

Here are a few ways to remain calm and show your inbox who is the boss at the same time.

  1. Create an urgent folder –

All emails marked urgent should be attended to first. Move those emails into a special folder and answer or action them starting with the oldest first.

  1. Delete all non-essential emails –

This includes emails like newsletters, out of office auto responders and old meeting requests.

  1. Take action by creating job folders

Create folders for different projects and move all emails which pertain to those jobs into those folders. After the emails have been sorted, start going through the folders one by one with most pressing projects being done first.

  1. Do not open new emails

Resist the temptation to open new emails before the old emails have been attended to. Some of them will just be chasing or confirming information sent previously, so it is best to leave them until the older emails have been actioned.

A little bit of organisation can help any task seem simpler and remove some of the stress. If one of your new years resolutions is getting a new or more manageable email client, chat with us, we are always happy to help and discuss a solution that works for you.





Julie Dunmore

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