May 24, 2022

11 Apps To Help You Manage Your Super

Super funds and innovation are two terms that are not likely to appear in the same sentence. Consumers now expect to be able to manage their savings, investments and now super funds online and via an app.

While most Super Funds do not have apps, more are now jumping on the bank wagon. As times and technology evolve, there are now serval apps on the market to help us monitor and save in our super annulation accounts.

A recent survey from ASIC’s MoneySmart found that roughly 40% of Australians don’t know what their super balance is. For many people unlike checking your bank balance which is a frequent occurrence, Super funds can be out of sight, out of mind. The following apps allow you to view and manage your super right from your phone. Read the list below to see what might work for you. Remember that before making financial decisions it is always best to get help from a trusted advisor or accountant.


  • Available for iPhone & Android
  • Track your super balance and contributions
  • Monitor your investments
  • Keep up to date with the markets
  • Bring all your super together

ANZ goMoney

ANZ Grow

  • Available for iPhone only
  • Open an ANZ Smart Choice Super account
  • View super alongside banking
  • Find and round up existing super
  • Add optional insurance with no paperwork


  • Available for iPhone & Android
  • Available for AustralianSuper Industry members that have set up an online account
  • View account balance, investment returns and transactions
  • View and edit member details
  • Get notified when a super contribution arrives in your account
  • Search for lost super
  • View insurance cover

Cbus Super

  • Available for iPhone & Android
  • Check account balance and recent transactions
  • Add site tickets to an e-wallet (e.g. union cards, OHS cards)
  • Add RDO’s to phone’s calendar
  • Place footy tips
  • Read latest news from The New Daily


  • Available for iPhone & Android
  • View your Essential Super balance



  • Available for iPhone & Android
  • View super balance and transactions
  • Check how investments are performing
  • Read latest news from The New Daily
  • Consolidate super accounts
  • Update personal details

NGS Super

  • Available for iPhone & Android
  • Check super balance
  • View latest investment performance information
  • Read latest news stories, blogs and industry updates
  • Receive important updates
  • Register for a super seminar
  • Watch CEO updates
  • Upload to a personal photo to make the app your own

Suncorp Bank

  • Available for iPhone & Android
  • View super balance
  • Make super contributions to your Everyday Super account
  • Set up regular contributions

Grow Super

  • Available for iPhone & Android
  • Find and consolidate your super
  • Invest money into different portfolios
  • Save spare change via a round up feature to boost savings

Julie Dunmore

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