May 24, 2022

Virtual Reality at White Night         

Explore Melbourne in new ways and celebrate White Night on Saturday the 20th from 7pm to 7am. The festival showcases art, music and technology and much of it is free! The night celebrates Melbourne’s vibrant creative culture and provides access to parts of the city that are usually closed to outsiders.

There is a full range of events, from installations, street theatre and music. This year will also feature some unique futuristic fun.

For the technologically curious among us, check out the Cube at AMCI to experience immersive examples of Virtual Realty films. Virtual Reality is becoming more and more accessible. In the future Virtual Reality may be the way we conduct meetings, view new homes as they come on the market or even go shopping.

While this sounds incredibly complex the whole experience is made possible by humble cardboard. A fold-out cardboard mount enables everyone access to virtual reality using a only a smart phone. This marriage of high technology and a low-cost system will allow everyone to explore Virtual Reality and its applications. The selection of short VR films are suitable for participants of all ages, so bring the whole family and explore this radical new filmmaking concept.

The full program is now available, be sure to plan carefully so you don’t miss out on any of the unique experiences the night will have to offer.


Julie Dunmore

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