May 24, 2022

Travel Apps For Your Winter Break

It is a dreary Melbourne winter and the best way to escape it? Well, to escape it! There is no need to stay in this part of the world when the northern hemisphere is basking in a lovely summer glow. Get ready, book your flight, pack your bags and grab your smartphone. We are about to make your holiday even better with all of the best apps for travel this winter.

 Google Translate (iOS and Android).

For those of you who weren’t aware, Google Translate has a fantastic feature for foreign travel: offline and real-time translation. Download the language you need, and aim the camera at the text you need translating, and it is translated into English before your very eyes. And it is offline, so no need to chew up valuable data or use global roaming!

TripIt (iOS and Android)

Tired of keeping track of flight and hotel bookings for longer trips? It can be frustrating carrying around multiple print offs or bookings stored on many different apps. TripIt might become your new travel companion. Allow TripIt to access your email, and the app will create a simple itinerary for you that includes maps.

 XE (iOSand Android).

Bargaining in markets can be fun until you need to do large conversions in Australian dollars on the fly.  This is where the currency exchange app, XE, comes into play. Just grab your smartphone and no more guessing as you haggle. Remember to update the app with the latest exchange rates to make sure you get the most accurate amounts when you use it.

Flush – toilet finder (iOS and Android).

This should be fairly self-explanatory as to why this is an essential app. Especially when you just ate something off a street food cart, in 40-degree heat, India. Make sure you install Flush, turn on your GPS, and find the closest public toilets to wherever you are. While having this little beauty installed on your phone might make you feel more confident while on the road, it is always good to remember the food rules when travelling, eat it hot and fully cooked, don’t let it cool down!

MAPS.ME (iOS and Android)!

We have all been there, we are out of data, lost and in need of a map. Turning on international roaming means a massive phone bill. Yes, it is expensive, but let’s face it – you are lost. This was true until MAPS.ME came along. It is fully loaded maps, but offline – just make sure you download the maps you need for each city before you head off!

Prey Anti Theft (iOS and Android).

Smartphones are more important than ever when travelling. All of these useful apps become, well useless without your phone. That is why this app is fantastic. If you loose or are robbed while travelling, Prey helps you find your phone, lock down your device, trigger an alarm and more. It’s a completely free and handy app.

For those of you about to travel, we hope these apps make your trip extra special. If you have any questions about anything not covered here, feel free to get in touch. We are always happy to help!


Julie Dunmore

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