May 24, 2022

Tiny Computers

No doubt about it, computers are getting smaller. Some are so small they can fit into the palm of your hand.

This new range of mini computers are self-contained powerhouses meant to plug into a TV, monitor or display. Add a keyboard and a mouse and it becomes a full-fledged computer.

One option is the Raspberry Pi. This is a $50 wifi enabled device plugs into any display via an HDMI connection. It was created by an organisation who wanted to put the low cost computers into the hands of the masses. The project has been extremely successful and they are now producing touch displays, cases and games starter kits. There is also a blog detailing how people are developing new ways to use the Raspberry Pi. One interesting project uses it as a computer to operator a remote camera.

Intel has also released the Intel® Compute Stick, a tiny computers that looks like a USB stick but actually contains an Intel® processor. The computer is lightweight and uses very little power. This device can also be plugged into any display or TV via an HDMI cable for work or play. This is an affordable plug and play device that starts retailing at $299.00.

The uses for this device vary from streaming TV shows and movies to using it as a viable alternative to a heavy laptop. Part of what makes this device so adaptable is the ability to connect to displays, computers, cameras, keyboards or a mouse via blue tooth or USB ports on the tiny computer’s body.

If you would like to know how tiny computers could be a good fit for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Julie Dunmore

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