May 24, 2022

The Best Apps For Aussie Road Trips

As the country continues to manage outbreaks of COVID-19 Australians have rediscovered a love of the road trip. With many long and warm days ahead, there is plenty of time to get on the road and explore the beauty of the state of Victoria and beyond.

And of course, for any need that may arise on the road, there is an app for that!

Are you planning a trip around Australia? This is more than a simple trip planner app. The tourism office of Australia worked with Google Cardboard to provide the ultimate virtual travel app experience.

Using Google Cardboard, along with a wide variety of free 360 degree videos, you can preview your trip, gauge the potential experience, and ‘try your trip before you get in your car’. With 360 videos it is possible to see your location before you even get there.

Neither Google Cardboard or an app can replace the actual sensations of the sun, sand or bush. However, this app can help you plan your next vacation almost anywhere in the country. This app provides an immersive way to start planning the perfect road trip.

Beachsafe was developed by Surf Life Saving Australia to help travellers “find the nearest beaches in seconds”. You can also access the latest updates about every Aussie beach, as it serves real-time information. From facilities, weather warnings, swell and tide, surf conditions and more.

Download on Apple and Android, for your beach and water safety needs.

Find local adventures with The Outbound. This app is worldwide, but it has recently added many adventures in Australia, including hiking to Wentworth Falls, hiking the Bondi to Coogee Beach coastal walk, and as well as climbing Mt. Gower On Lord Howe Island.

This app is great for all kinds of travel, “whether just down the street or across the globe, by inspiring people to discover, explore, and share their favourite activities and local playgrounds”. Download for Apple here.

Do you enjoy a tipple while on holiday? This app will help you grab a drink wherever you may be in Australia! Experience the Australian bar scene and local wines, and boutique beer and cider producers listed on the app. There are plenty of happy hour specials listed as well.

Download here for Apple and Android.

The Fuel Map Australia app locates nearby fuel stations, which is important for road trips. The app will give you current fuel prices, which enables you to find the best deals. This travel fuel app will help you budget on where and when to fill up.

Download here for Apple.

The newly designed Official Travellers Autobarn app has special features to connect you with needed amenities on your journey. It is one of the best comprehensive road trip apps available in Australia.

If you need information about toll roads, the location of camp grounds, public toilets, petrol stations, ATMs, WIFI access, and much more, just check the app!

In addition to amenities, it is also possible to plan fun in the “Things to do” section for a variety of fun activities and other attractions.

Download here for Apple and Android.


We encourage you to get out and enjoy the sun and summer while you can! Remember to stay safe and check the current COVID situation as part of your planning process. Any questions or concerns please reach out!



Julie Dunmore

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