May 24, 2022

Telco Price Wars Heating Up

It looks like it could be time to think about re-contracting or finding a new provider for your business mobiles. It appears as if the big telcos are going to be working a bit harder to secure your loyalty and your phone contract.

In coming months, Telstra, Vodafone, Optus and the new forces of TPG are going to market with perks like unlimited data and discounts on handsets. The competition will make the mobile phone market more competitive.

The mobile phone market, in Australia it is a good time for a shakeup. Recently Telstra and Vodafone have dropped excess data charges. While this is a welcome change, much of this battle for our contracts can be traced to the fact that a new 5G network is on the horizon.

So what does 5G mean for the consumer? It means faster download speeds, although how much faster is still unknown. There are some technologies that count as 5G (called millimetre wave) that are 30 times faster than 4G. Their downside is the cell towers have a short range. Other 5G technologies are just a tiny bit faster than 4G.

Telstra and Optus are both leading in rolling out 5G plans. Telstra is pushing to have 5G technology in operational in 2019. It is unknown, but the 5G network could be a higher price point service for customers who are willing to pay more for fast data.

It is hoped that the competition in the short term will lead to better deals for plans or pre-paid. We will need to see how the price wars and the battle for 5G networks will affect our bottom lines. If you have any questions about your mobile phone or plan feel free to reach out. We are happy to offer advice on solutions for your business.


Julie Dunmore

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