February 25, 2015

Are Smartwatches the Next Big Thing in Wearables?

It looks like the next exciting move in the world of wearables are watches. A watch used to be for telling the time. Now that most of us have smart phones that display the time, what function does our watch actually fill?

What if you could pay for your morning coffee by waving your wrist at the barista? Or send a message that you are running late by speaking into your watch? Smartwatches are looking to make all of this possible.

There are quite a few new smartwatches currently on the market such as Pebble, LG G Watch R, Moto 360 and Samsung Gear watches. There is a lot of buzz around the Apple Watch unveiling in April this year. When Apple launches their watch they will also unveil Apple Pay, a way to make purchases with your watch. But will this actually make buying that morning coffee easier?

Smart watches are only useful if they are making the wearer’s life easier. When comparing devices, it is important to consider your needs. If you use Apple TV then the Apple Watch could be a good option. It will be able to integrate in the same way a remote would to a traditional TV. Can’t live without your morning run? The Samsung Gear Fit maybe the watch for you. If you love beautiful design then consider the Moto 360.

Remember to consider your lifestyle first, the wearable comes second! This comparison report from Tom’s Guide lays out the various watches and their best features. Check out the rest of the recommendations in the full article here.

Next we will be looking into sstreaming services. What are streaming services? It means you can watch TV on demand and listen to music by searching for and playing anything that suites your fancy!

We would say stay tuned, but with streaming that doesn’t really apply any more!


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