May 24, 2022

Pixel, Surface or Pro’s, What Is The Best Way To Go Portable?

The day is almost here when a tablet is a viable option for serious work, instead of play. There are some interesting factors at play here, but some of the main points are tablets become more powerful and flexible to use. While some laptops are becoming cumbersome by eradicating connection ports that are still actively used by many devices.

This is currently the case with the current standard of the design industry, the Macbook Pro. Apple is increasingly coming under fire for removing connection ports and replacing them with the USB C/Thunderbolt ports. Apple removed the MagSafe 2 charging port type, the HDMI port, the SD card slot, the Thunderbolt 2 ports and most controversially the standard USB port. This means that the new Mac Book Pros will need a dongle to make the compatible with devices that move files back and forth or event to connect to a TV or projector for a presentation.

The new connection ports are a headphone jack, and four USB C/Thunderbolt 3 jacks. This allows for device connection via a dongle, which would act as an adaptor. This one port is where all charging and connection to devices happens.

The benefits of USB C connections is that they are able to transfer data faster and they are slimmer which allows for a slimmer and hence lighter laptop. But the trade-offs are that a dongle will be necessary at all times to use devices such as external hard disks or connections to HDMI ports.

Coming up around the bend are powerful tablet devices such as Google’s Pixel C and Microsoft’s Surface Pro 5. Both of these machines meet consumer demand for a lightweight, easy to carry device that allows flexibility with accessories such as keyboards.

Tablets still aren’t as powerful or as compatible with business multitasking as an actual computer, but the leaps forward in battery life, running and jumping across multiple applications and processing power is growing in leaps and bounds.

The Pixel C is being compared to the iPad in terms of durability and long battery life but is still mainly built for pleasure.

The Microsoft Surface Pro is scheduled to release in a few months and will most likely be the business person’s answer to a flexible tablet device suited to the office. The machine is speculated to have a redesigned pen stylus, a bigger screen, longer battery life and updated USB ports, including the USB C.

As business becomes more mobile the future of computers will definitely be one that is light, fast and durable. If you have any questions about your current tablets and laptops please get in touch, we are always happy to help.



Julie Dunmore

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