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MyWorkStyle And Microsoft Changing Employee Experience
December 16, 2020

At the moment it can feel difficult to define a normal work environment. The work-from-home or part-time in the office has created flexible work schedules for employees. It has helped businesses to save on overhead costs such as heating and electricity. No matter where and how business is happening, the reality is that the typical nine-to-five schedule is dead.

Many people are now working when they want to, and where they want to. And the big question for all of us as we move into 2021 is how will it continue to evolve and what are the tools we need in this new world? One thing is pretty clear – technology as a whole is continuing to change how we all work, and now with many team members working remote how do we maintain employee experience?

It allows us to clock in, collaborate and contribute from anywhere. While over the past year many organisations have moved to the Cloud or remote systems, the need for them into 2021 is not going to decrease. The demand for flexibility is here to stay but the need to maintain culture and productivity remain the same.

Microsoft has partnered with a strategic collaboration between DXC Technology to help with this new problem. The two companies announced DXC MyWorkStyle, a “modern workplace” solution aimed at enabling businesses to work from anywhere.

The platform leverages some of Microsoft’s services such as Microsoft 365, Teams, Dynamics 365, and Power Platform. Microsoft will work with DXC to deliver solutions while leveraging AI and machine learning capabilities.

According to DXC, consumer-like digital workplaces help organisations keep pace with a fast-changing market, increase employee satisfaction, attract and retain employees, and drive productivity.

“We’re excited about our modern workplace business and our partnership with Microsoft. The world of work has changed forever, and working virtually is now” essential “for every company,” said DXC President and Chief Executive Officer. Said Mike Salvino, Chief Executive Officer.

“It helps both Microsoft and DXC customers work uninterrupted, providing a truly virtual and modern work experience, increasing productivity, increasing engagement, and more. This is a great opportunity to connect with your teammates. “

“Over the last few months, we’ve considered strategic alternatives and found that maintaining this business gives us the opportunity to define the future of our work and create more value for our customers and employees. “He says.

As part of the announcement, DXC said in a statement: “Our goal is to provide our customers with the next level of employee experience and add value to the workplace. The partnership between DXC and Microsoft is groundbreaking, and both companies are committed to changing the future of their work forever.

For more information on MyWorkStyle visit the DXC site. If you have questions about this technology can work for you please get in touch!