May 24, 2022

Employee Scheduling Apps For A COVID Normal World

The world of remote work has opened up new options for how employees schedule their time. Whether a business has 5 or 200 employees flexibility has become part of the needs of employees. This makes the ability to schedule efficiently extremely important, to ensure projects and teams can communicate effectively. We have put together some great apps for scheduling employees in a COVID normal world. Regardless of whether staff are working from home or staggered to ensure safe working conditions, these apps will help to plan and manage employees in a variety of situations.



Price: Starts at $2/user/month

Humanity is very simple to use. The interface is incredibly user-friendly and easy to grasp, and its apps make it easy to edit and check schedules on your phone.

Humanity has a very strong customer support team which is useful when encountering new situations or issues on the platform. Humanity has a Starter plan, which is $2 per user per month, as well as a Classic plan, which is $3 per user per month, both with a $60 minimum.



Price: Starts at $24/month

WorkSchedule.Net is the perfect employee scheduling software when creating complex schedules for different offices or time zones. It’s easily accessible by all employees, and employees can track changes in real-time. The app’s special time block editor is incomparable in its ability to schedule three levels deep and multiple schedules at once.

In addition, the app has special on-the-go options. You can access WorkSchedule.Net on a mobile app or have the app read your schedule out loud, for example, when driving. WorkSchedule.Net has several plans at different price points for monthly, one-year, two-year payment plans. They range from the cheapest two-year payment plan — $24 per month for up to 20 employees — to the most expensive monthly payment plan — $140 per month for up to 100 employees.



Price: Starts at $2/user/month

Deputy is well-known for being a powerful, workforce management tool. Its scheduling and time management software is well-rounded and time-efficient. In addition, Deputy is a great option for integrating to other business systems; it integrates to over 35 payroll, POS, and accounting programs.

You can also use your Deputy app to forecast sales traffic and schedule shifts automatically and accordingly so that you never over or under-staff your business. Deputy has multiple affordable plans: $2 per user per month for the Scheduling Only plan and either $3 or $4 per user per month for the Premium plan, depending on if you pay in monthly or annual increments.


Microsoft Outlook

Price: Free and paid 365 Subscription

Many businesses already use Microsoft Office 365, so setting up a shared calendar with scheduled work times is a simple and seamless process. Outlook is a calendar that can be viewed in a day, four-day, week, month or year schedule format. It is easy to input events and reminders or add notifications so that people never miss a work shift. It is also possible to create employee shift calendars for each person and share it with them. That way, they can view the shared work schedule calendar on their personal calendar and integrate it into their daily lives. Rather than using a new platform, everything can be managed on a platform a business is already using are already using for meetings, events and reminders.


Be sure to reach out with any questions about setting up your remote work schedules. We are always happy to recommend the best fit for your business. Please feel free to reach out!


Julie Dunmore

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