May 24, 2022

Driver’s Licences To Go Digital In South Australia

Earlier this month the South Australian government has launched the license of the future!

South Australians will be able to keep a digital version of their driver’s licence on their smartphones as a valid proof of ID and all associated driving rights.

The digital licences will be available in the mySA GOV smartphone app, developed by Appviation and launched in May.

There security measures to ensure people can’t misuse the digital license. They include one-time barcode that refreshes every 30 seconds to prevent the use of fake licences, fingerprint identification, real-time updates to prevent the use of expired or suspended licences, and a “shake to animate” feature: this shows the time and date to demonstrate that the licence is not a photo or a screenshot. Anyone, including pubs and clubs, can scan the licences to ensure they are genuine.

According to ZDNet, Garry Dickie, SA Police director of Information Systems and Technology stated, “This technology will provide for ready access to licence information and proof of age identification for front-line police officers.”

The system is already in use for proof-of-age cards, boat licences, land agent and land sales representative registrations, and vehicle registrations.

The government, however, still encourages users to retain their physical licences.

The option to use a digital license is open to all South Australians with a learner’s permit, provisional license, and full or heavy vehicle licence, though it is not compulsory.

They will also be available for motor vehicle instructors and driver accreditation for taxi, bus, and chauffeur drivers.

Now our question is, when Victoria get the option as well? Now our question is, when will Victoria get the option as well? New South Wales is slated to be the next state to adopt this technology.


Julie Dunmore

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