May 24, 2022

An Earpiece That Translates Languages Within Seconds


In the future language barriers could exist only our distant memories. Move over clunky guidebooks and translation apps, Waverly Labs has developed an earpiece device that translates spoken language in real time. The inspiration for this amazing device came from an English speaking American man’s desire to speak unhindered to a French girl.

This is all made possible with wearable technology. The device is called Pilot and is the world’s first smart earpiece that can translate between users speaking different languages. The earpieces come in pairs and are worn by the two people who wwant to communicate. A smart phone app connects to the earpieces and begins translating as soon as a conversation begins. The translation takes place just seconds after the person begins speaking.

Currently the device only supports translation from English to French, Italian or Spanish. The developer of this product Waverly Labs has confirmed they are working on a range of other language to be available at a later date.

The mostly commonly used wearable the Fit Bit has changed people’s relationship to their personal fitness. Imagine how Pilot will change the travel industry. While this device can’t count your steps you will be able to have an effortless conversation in French. This wearable device is perfect for travel because it works off line as well as on.

Waverly Labs is currently running an Indie-Go-Go campaign for pre-orders that are being released in stages. Early supporters can get limited quantities for $129, $149 and $179+ at different stages of launch. The expected delivery dates for the product should be at the end of this year. Imagine giving the gift of translation for Christmas!


Julie Dunmore

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