May 24, 2022

4 Best Apps For Conferences

After the Spring Racing Carnival is over, Melbourne turns its full attention to the conference season. Melbourne becomes a hot bed of the top talent of every industry organising and sharing their knowledge with their peers.

This year to help you and your co-workers get the most out of your day we have selected the best mobile apps for a conference attendee.


Most you will be taking notes at some point during a conference. You can use Evernote on your phone, tablet or laptop. There are free and paid versions available. With a free account, you can access Evernote from your laptop, tablet or smartphone on two different devices.

Evernote allows you to create different notebooks, and keep individualised notes in each one. You can create a virtual notebook for the conference you and write up separate a note for each individual presentation. Once you have created all of your notes, they are simple to search and find with an easy to use search feature and even suggests related searches.

You can also include photos (of your favourite presenter or a detailed slide), audio, tags, URLs and more in each note.

Evernote is available on all mobile devices and is free.


Twitter is a very handy tool at most conferences as they promote their own hashtag. This makes all of the tweets by presenters, attendees and the conference organisers searchable as a feed. In fact, if you can’t make the conference you can always search the hashtag afterward see the highlights and follow along in the conversations.

You can also use conference hashtags to follow and engage with other attendees and speakers. This is helpful if you would like to connect with people after the conference is over.

Twitter is free and is available on all mobile devices.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a great, real-time tool for keeping in touch with one or multiple friends during a conference. It is possible to message one on one or make plans with entire groups for a post-conference dinner or other events. Many conferences are creating content specifically for Messenger Bots. They will usually provide instructions on what to type into the Messenger and a bot will send copies of slides and book appointments to special events or workshops at the conference.

Facebook Messenger is available on iOS, Android and it’s free.

ABBYY Business Card Reader

One of the most important parts of conferences is meeting new people who can become future collaborators, clients or even an employer. So be sure to save your contacts carefully with this business card app.

With this app you can enter business cards into your smartphone in 25 languages. Use your smartphone to scan business cards and save all the data to your contact list. Multilingual cards too – BCR supports up to three languages in one card. Out of cards? Network and share your contact details with just one tap. Sending an e-mail with your digital business card now only takes a few seconds.

The ABBYY Business Card Reader is available on iOS and it’s free.

Be sure to have a productive and entertaining November! Any questions about how to integrate your software products for easier networking please get in touch! We are always happy to help.


Julie Dunmore

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