May 24, 2022

Your Viewing Habits During Lockdown

Here we go again! Lockdown 2.0 is underway in Victoria and we are all feeling bored and stressed. While this lockdown has been underway in our state, we have reviewed the data since the last worldwide shutdown to see how our viewing habits have changed or in our case, possibly not changed.

A recent study from Ofcon the stated that UK adults spent nearly half their day watching television and online streaming services at the height of lockdown. The time people spent on streaming services doubled during the pandemic, said the communications watchdog.

Twelve million adults signed up to new services, three million of whom had not subscribed before.

At the height of the coronavirus lockdown in April, people spent an average of six hours, 25 minutes a day – or nearly 45 hours a week – glued to their various screens, said Ofcom’s Media Nations 2020 report.

Similar results have been reported in Australia by ThinkTV with BVOD (broadcaster video-on-demand) viewership remaining high with more than 19 million hours watched last week alone and consumption up 26% compared to pre-lockdown.

The number of Australians watching TV over a full day has increased by 22% per cent, with catch-up TV (BVOD) up 34%. Audience numbers during primetime news bulletins has increased 30% over the same period.

Our changing habits has also seen one in 10 Australians listen to more podcasts, news and politics podcasts accounting for a third of those being listened to.

So, with all of us watching more TV and On-Demand viewing we have put together a list of apps and recommendations from Neo Staff on what to watch next:

  • Binge – Foxtel’s answer to Netflix focuses on delivering a range of series, most of them from HBO. You can sign up for a free trial offer here.
  • Netflix – Of course, everyone’s go to for innovative viewing! It has a free trial period offer.
  • Disney + – Just like the name says it is everything you love about Disney plus, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic. Sign up here to try it out.

We hope you are all staying as well as you can during this very sad time. If you have any questions or need show recommendations, please reach out. We love hearing from you!


Julie Dunmore

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