May 24, 2022

The Best Happiness Apps for 2021

Happiness is a basic human desire and after the events of 2020, has gained importance. There are plenty of apps out there to help us on our happiness journey. We have compiled a list of our favourites, because of course, where happiness is concerned there is an app for that.

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Happify wants to change people’s lives by providing ways to become happier. The purpose of the app is to use gaming and technology to build a better life for its users.

After creating an account Happify will score your happiness based on a questionnaire. The questions are all about the smallest details in your life, particularly your health. Then, the app provides you with a series of games and activities that you can use to start living a healthy, stress-free life. The activities include guided meditations, writing assignments, and exciting games. As a basic free user, you are entitled to limited access. If you upgrade to the premium product (Happify Plus), you get to enjoy unlimited access to more than 30 different options.

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This app helps people build grit and resilience and stay positive despite all the challenges that life may throw at them. It is based on a framework called Live Gamefully, which brings out your heroic strengths and gives you a better mindset.

SuperBetter works by providing you with daily activities that you can track until you reach your goal. It uses a point system, and you gain points for each step you complete. Such steps include taking a walk or drinking a glass of water.

What’s great about this app is that you can take on the persona of a superhero. You can collect power-ups, win against bad guys, and get help from friends and allies.

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Headspace wants to be “Your guide to health and happiness.” The app is full of ways to become healthier, more rested, and live a happier life with its mindfulness meditation and exercise guides.

The Headspace app offers meditation guides, from basic to advanced for any level of participation. And there are meditations to help with sleep, work, happiness, and a lot more. If you feel like you’re about to get burned out, it has a meditation guide for that, too!

Overall, this happiness and meditation app teaches you how to breathe properly, meditate mindfully, and live your life fully. In addition to meditation guidelines, it also has exercise plans that can help you manage your stress, regulate your breathing, and generally make your life happier.

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If you want to start journaling, Daylio is perhaps the best app to try. More than a simple happiness app, it is an award-winning, mood-tracking app that allows you to record your emotions by choosing the best videos.

Rather than focusing on the act of writing, Daylio offers you a variety of videos to choose from. These videos depict your moods, so you only have to select the one that best reflects what you are feeling.

Daylio also features a “statistics and calendar” tool that allows you to record what you are feeling. This helps you determine the patterns in your attitude, behaviour, and feelings. You can include additional notes about your moods so you will have a view of what the patterns are illustrating.

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Yolife is a new health app that aims to increase people’s happiness by “adding 15 healthy years to 1 million people.”

There are three steps to make the most out of this health and happiness app:

  • Free health consultation – The app will ask you questions about your health, exercise, habits, social life, etc. Your answers will determine the most important health areas that you need to improve. The app will also provide you with an estimate of how long you will live if you are in good health.
  • Personalised program – You will receive guidelines and instructions based on the answers you provided. The app offers classes on topics such as optimal sleeping conditions, the purpose of life, and many more.
  • Healthy lifetime – This is the maintenance level, where the goal is to apply what is in your program. You will see a track record of the healthy days added to your lifetime.

The founders of Yolife believe that a person’s happiness is dependent on two things: purpose and health. If you know your purpose in life and are healthy enough to accomplish it, your happiness and life satisfaction will increase.

There are many different paths to happiness and different things work for different people. We hope you find at least one app that can help you build more purpose into each day in 2021.




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