Cameron Gillies

Director, Mantech International Systems

We have utilised Neo Technologies as our IT provider for the best part of 10 years. Previously we had used a very well-known IT support and services team and although they were sufficiently competent, securing priority attention as a smaller organisation (10-20 users) was always a challenge.

Switching to Neo Technologies has given us a significant improvement on a number of fronts.

Our requirements are given top-level priority. The response from Neo Technologies is always timely. Down-Time is near zero!
We always have confidence in the advice and recommendations made. Our needs in respect to hardware, software, networking, cloud-based applications and security are up to date and cost effective
Importantly, we have reduced our IT spend by more than 50%. The services costing is transparent and very reasonable. Additionally, equipment costs are almost always better than market.

In summary, switching to Neo Technologies, was a first-class business decision.


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