November 19, 2015

Meet Your New Postie, The Drone!

What’s that up in the sky? It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a…drone?

Next year Australia post will trial using these small flying machines to deliver packages from a major retailer to rural and regional communities.

Chief executive Ahmed Fahour ​told AFR Weekend drones were not gimmicks and the company had already begun testing deliveries using the new technology.

The use of these devices could revive the ailing Australia Post who reported a loss of $222 million this year, due to more and more Australians moving away from stamps to digital forms of communication.

In response, the Australia post recently launched a $20 million innovation capital fund, which will run in conjunction with the University of Melbourne, and is expected to grow to $100 million.

The fund will be operated by Australia Post Accelerator and will be independent of the company’s core business.

“We will work with our people, our customers, the community and our partners to identify new opportunities and emerging, disruptive eCommerce businesses that we can accelerate,” Mr Fahour said.

In the future it may become possible to use a 3D printer at the post office to produce household items instead of ordering them online.

The innovation arm of Australia Post will create a space for the future in which stamps will take a back seat to forward planning, innovation and entrepreneurship.


Julie Dunmore

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