June 4, 2015

KFC Paper Thin Keyboards Saves Your Phone From Greasy Fingers

In the past it was seen as a bad habit to eat and watch TV. Now in addition to TV, we eat and send messages, post on social media and play games from our smart phones. Whether you see this as a vice or just a part of modern life, eating can get your smart phone very messy! KFC in Germany decided to create a tray liner that doubles as a flat keyboard to help diners eat their greasy chicken without leaving a mark on their smart phone.

Working with agency Serviceplan in Germany, the brand rolled out the “Tray Typer”, a super thin Bluetooth keyboard that doubles as a tray liner. For a full day diners were given paper-thin a free keyboard on their trays to launch a new KFC campaign. The keyboard is rechargeable, washable, extremely lightweight and connects to the user’s phone via blue tooth.

Fast food marketing is becoming extremely high tech. A paper-thin Bluetooth keyboard tray liner may sound unbelievable, but they are real. What is coming next? Imagine ordering dinner from 3-D Holograms instead of the pages of a paper menu. Will artificial intelligence ever replace waiters? In Chinatown, Melbourne Australia there are dumpling restaurants that encourage customers to order via an iPad on the wall next to their table. As life and food gets faster, what will the future hold?


Julie Dunmore

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