May 24, 2022

Download These 3 Hidden Gem Apps Now

We will let you in on a few apps that are climbing the ranks of the app store. While they are gaining in popularity download them now and try them out before everyone else.

FitBit App
For those of you who have your FitBit securely strapped to your body at all times, you may be interested to know there is an app.

This app monitors your full days and nights with sleep, activity and calories burned. It has an in-depth dashboard to provide insights on your workout performance and provide the motivation to keep moving. Stay inspired on your fitness journey by sharing stats and challenging friends and family via the app and social media. The weight and nutrition tracker gives you the guidance and tools you need to work towards nutrition and weight goals.

Tap into the world’s largest social network for readers with the Goodreads Android app! Read thousands of book reviews by your friends and other Goodreads members, keep a virtual bookshelf of what you’ve read, and build your to-read list as you discover great books on the app.

Goodreads App For Android or  iTunes
Goodreads is a free service social networking site for everyone who reads. They have more than 35 million members who have added more than 1 billion books.

Search, rate, and review any book in our catalogue of more than 12 million books. See book reviews and updates from your friends, and comment on them. Use the barcode scanner to quickly scan all of your books onto your Goodreads shelves. Next time you are deciding what to read, your to-read list will be handy.

You can use the basic features of this app without a Goodreads account, but sign in or sign up (you can do this in the app) for the best experience!

Truecaller, free for iOS and Android,
This gem of an app is a highly-rated spam call blocker, alerting you to potentially fraudulent and unsolicited calls before you answer. It’s able to identify unknown callers from an extensive database of contact details and works with SMS messages too.

Happy Apping! If you have any questions on ways to improve your productivity with apps please reach out, we are always happy to help!


Julie Dunmore

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