May 24, 2022

Australian Scammed and Secretly Recorded Via Webcams

A simple google search has left dozens of unsuspecting Australians looking for IT help being scammed of thousands of dollars and secretly filmed via their webcams.

According to an ABC investigation

  • Dozens of Australians secretly filmed using their webcams without their knowledge
  • Hacked recordings were posted on Youtube as endorsements for the scam service
  • Using an Australian phone number, the scam catches people searching for online support to install tech products

These scammers are very convincing and also use an Australian 1 800 number. The remote-access scammers have been tricking their victims into handing thousands of dollars in some cases. The people who call the number are asked to hand over control of their computers for fake fixes to technical problems that never existed.

The ABC reports that Monash University medical professor Geoff Sussman was fleeced for $1,590 when the scammers accessed his computer.

He managed to get his bank to reverse the transaction, but the experience was deeply frustrating.

“It’s very annoying and upsetting,” Prof Sussman said, “There are far too many scammers out there, and even intelligent people can get in their web.”

Professor Sussman’s troubles began when he went online in search of help downloading Adobe software to a new computer in November 2016.

He found what he thought was an official Adobe tech support page, and called an 1800-number listed on the site.

Luckily Dr Neo is always on call! If you have a question regarding your IT there is no need to google, just jump on the phone!


Julie Dunmore

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