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david-bowerDavid Bower (CEO/Chief Engineer)
20+ years’ experience in servers, email, enterprise security systems, complex communications, desktop support, has DoD security clearance. David is very tall and has a keen sense of humidity.

Julie Dunmore (Director, Service Delivery and Customer Relations)
Over 20+ years of experience in executive roles responsible for end to end service delivery, client relationship management, operations, program and project management within Telecommunications and ICT.  Julie is passionate about delivering exceptional service to customers and unrelenting in ensuring customer’s expectations are exceeded.

paul-jacobsonPaul Jacobson (Engineer)
20+ years’ experience in Apple, desktops, Office applications, mobile systems, networking. Paul is a keen ornithologist.


chris-chanChris Chan (Engineer)
15+ years’ experience in hardware, Office applications, desktops, mobile communications, VoIP, on-premise security systems. Chris loves to fix things.